Bishop Ssemogerere Asks MPs to Reject Proposed Pro-Abortion Law

Bishop Ssemogerere Asks MPs to Reject Proposed Pro-Abortion Law

Kasana-Luweero Bishop Paul Ssemwogerere greeting Christians after Mass on Christmas-coutesy of uganda radio networkPaul Ssemogerere, the Bishop of Kasana-Luweero Diocese has implored legislators to reject the proposed law that seeks to legalize abortion in the country once it is tabled.

While delivering his Christmas sermon at Kasana Cathedral, Bishop Ssemwogere said that he had learnt of renewed efforts by pro abortion activists and ministry of health officials to push for the legislation of abortions.

According to the Bishop, the campaign is funded by Donor countries but said that, the stand of the Church is that abortion is both evil and murder. He said the argument that, legalization will reduce on deaths that occur from unsafe abortion is unjustifiable and instead suggested that efforts be directed towards preventing unwanted pregnancies.

The bishop said like the debate on Marriage and Divorce bill, the Members of Parliament should stand firm and discard the abortion bill once presented in parliament.


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