Education Commission


Education and formation Commission is composed of Education Department, Religious Education Advisory Desk, Education Sponsorship Desk and Adult Learning Programs. It is headed by a chairman, appointed by the Bishop-currently the chairman is Rev. Fr. Kisamba Mugerwa Simon Peter. The Secretary to his Commission is the Diocesan Education Secretary –Bro. Anthony Musisi.

  1. Fr. Charles Ssenkungu is the one in Charge of Religious advisory Desk.
  2. Miss Lydia Nassozi is the Executive Secretary in the Education Secretary’s office.
  3. Anthony Musisi is the Education Secretary.

Present status of the Education institution

As of now we have the following number of institutions:

  1. Primary schools-160
  2. Secondary schools-17
  3. Vocational/Technical school -04
  4. Seminary-01
  5. Pastoral centre-01

Although these schools are referred to as catholic Church institutions and they Pay allegiance to the Ordinary of this diocese, they can be categorized as follows:

  • Government aided schools
  • Private school

Government Aided secondary schools:

  1. Kizito Katikamu Kisule S.S
  2. Andrew Kaggwa’s S.S.S
  3. St Kalooli Lwanga S.S. Mulajje
  4. John’s S.S. Nandere
  5. Joseph Voc. High school- Nakasongola
  6. Denis Kijaguzo S.S.S

Private Schools (Not Government Aided)

These schools belong to Kasana-Luweero Diocese including;

  1. Mazzolid College-Nakaseke
  2. Cyprian Chavanod College-Kasana
  3. Mary’s Namaliga
  4. Nativity High School Kibengo
  5. Angness Voc. S.S Natyole
  6. Kakoola High school
  7. Shutter- Ngoma

These belong to the Religious Congregations.

  1. St Anthony kakooge S.S
  2. St Daniel Comboni College Bamugolodde
  3. Holy Cross Kikyusa S.S.S
  4. Pope John Paul II High school-Nakaseke


  1. Standard High School Kapeeka belongs to an individual who happens to be a Catholic and wants to collaborate with the Diocese.

All primary schools belong to the Diocese-160 and are Government Aided apart from St. Kizito P/S Kikyusa and St. Jerome Cove Alliance Kapeeka


  1. Don Bosco Voc. Training school Namaliga
  2. St Kizito technical Kasaala
  3. Mary’s Domestic school-Kasaala
  4. John Paul II technical- this belongs to the Franciscan Fathers.



As a commission, we are closely linked (networked) to various institutions or organizations

  1. We are Partners with the Ministry of Education and Sports in case of Government grant Aided schools as well as Private schools.
  2. The District authorities as well as other Local Government authorities.
  3. Uganda Catholic Secretariat (Uganda Episcope Conference).
  4. Uganda joint Christian Council (UJCC).

At the Diocesan level we collaborate (network with) at all levels of the Church structures;

  1. At Parish level-there is a Father in charge of schools
  2. Parish Education committee PEC- for head teacher
  3. Parish Parents Committee-for Management Committees and PTAs


Teachers are organized under an umbrella organization-KALUCITA-Kasana Luweero Catholic Institutions and Teachers Association.

Then    KALUSSA– for secondary Schools (Kasana Luweero secondary schools association)

            KALUPSA– for primary schools (Kasana-Luweero Primary School Association)

Finally PEC-Parish Education Committee.

The Education and Formation Commission is also working in close collaboration with other Commissions in the Diocese. It collaborates with the Pastoral Commission, Caritas Commission and Finance and Administration.

Finally our operations in schools are guided by the Government through the Ministry of Education and sports by Act13 of 2008 and by the Kasana Luweero Diocese Policy of 2015.

Compiled by,

Bro. Musisi Anthony

Education Secretary.

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