Gender (Children, Women and Men’s Desk)


The Catholic women’s Guild is one of the major faith based women’s associations in Uganda established way back in the 1970s. It embraces all the catholic women in Uganda aged between 18 years and above irrespective of their marital status whether married, unmarried, widows, youth, disabled and the elderly.

Kasana Luweero Diocese on its inception had a very strong hold in the catholic women’s Guild which had been very active in improvement of the spiritual social and economic and political status of women in the districts of Luweero, Nakasongola and Nakaseke.

Goal: To uplift the spiritual and socio-economic status of the women and their families in Kasana Luweero Diocese.

Our Motto: One Body One Spirit

 Objectives of the women’s Desk:

  • To empower women in their income generating activities at sub parish level.
  • To strengthen the evangelization of women and men and children with in their families church and the wider community.
  • To build unity, cooperation and solidarity among all women and their families in Kasana Luweero Diocese.
  • To equip women with leadership skills vocational skills resource mobilization strategies and business entrepreneurship skills so as to have sustainable development with their families.
  • To improve and access partnerships linkages, collaboration and networking with other organizations locally and internationally for meaningful spiritual and socio economic development for women and their families
  • To start up income generating activities in their homes and Villages.
  • To empower women in their income generating activities in their various groups.
  • To provide access to low interest for boosting their micro business through Kasana Luweero women’s fund revolving scheme.

Diocesan Leadership:

  1. Mrs Mercy Ochera Guild Chairperson
  2. Justine Katende Vice Chairperson
  3. Josephine Kizito Secretary
  4. Betty Takuwa Treasurer
  5. Augustine Mpagi Chaplain
  6. Florence Nassanga Musoke Coordinator (Ex-official)
  7. Diocesan Guild council includes all Guild chairpersons from all the 17 Parishes


  1. The Guild celebrates its Diocesan day every year and here the women come together and share reports and ideas
  2. We pay membership and subscription fee to enable the Guild leaders work effectively and the to enable office running.
  3. We have our annual general meeting with our beloved Bishop and here we get a chance to share with him our successes, challenges and way forward, we also get a guest speaker on current issues
  4. The Guild participates in local and national exhibitions beads, wines, cakes, table mats table linen local pads to mention but a few.
  5. Our women leaders are given retreats in their respective parishes
  6. Kasaala Guild chairperson and other women from Katuumu went for the training in making local pads for our rural school going girls and the community at large and now the project is ongoing though still at small scale
  7. We have an email: and a facebook page Catholic Women’s Guild Kasana Luweero Diocese

Self Help Initiative Project (SHIP) for the women

 Self Help Initiative Project (SHIP) was started in August 2014 after realizing that there is need to boost the women’s activities, at the sub parish level where these groups meet. All parishes have self help initiative projects depending on the need and the funds available. 

 The diocese is comprised of 17 parishes of which the women haves 208 groups in all these parishes and all of them have started this initiative (SHIP).

 We have 208 women groups of which 88 are registered at the district and at the subcounty level. The largest group has 58 members and the least has 17 members.

The registered groups are:

  1. Maama Margaret Namaliga
  2. Nanywa Women Development organization
  3. Kamukamu women’s group
  4. Bumu development group
  5. St. Daniel Development support organization
  6. Kitiibwa kya yezu development association
  7. Katuumu women integrated development organization1
  8. Katuumu development organization 2
  9. Nandere rural women in Development
  10. Tukole bukozi Nakaseke Development organization
  11. St. Anna women’s group Kasana
  12. Twekembe women’s group Buyuki, Katikamu

Those in the process of registering their groups with a minimum of 3 groups per parish are:

  • Kijaguzo
  • Migeera
  • Kikyusa
  • Nattyole
  • Zirobwe
  • Kakooge
  • Nakasongola
  • Kiwoko
  • Mulajje
  • Nattyole

All these groups are engaged in savings and internal lending in their communities.

Criteria for selecting the beneficiaries of the SHIP

 The beneficiaries are the women groups from Kasana Luweero Diocese with a running activity.

  1. The groups that have paid fully the membership fee of the catholic women’s guild and full implementation committee that comprises of the chairperson, secretary, treasurer with  a deputy for each.
  2. Registered groups at the District level are given the first priority but other groups are considered as well.
  3. Letter of recommendation from the Parish Priest.

Parishes and their Self Help Initiative Projects (Activities done by the women in Kasana Luweero Diocese

No Parish No of groupsProject
1Kasana Cathedral13Hand crafts and pig rearing
2Katikamu 16Handcrafts and pig rearing
3Nandere 9Rabbits and banana plantations
4Namaliga 8Bar and liquid soap
5Nakaseke 16Farming
6Kapeeka 14Handcrafts and farming
7Ngoma 8Dairy products
8Pig rearing, Soap making, poultry, necklaces, decorations.
Kasaala 15
9Nakasongola 12Dairy products and pig rearing
10Kakooge 14Farming and Dairy products
11Kikyusa 16Farming
12Zirobwe 12Farming and Pig rearing
13Nattyole 8Handcrafts, soap making and farming
14Mulajje 17Soap making and
15Kiwoko 8Farming
16Migyera 8Dairy products and crafts
17Kijaguzo 14Mushroom growing and handcrafts


  1. Registration at the district level is still a problem
  2. Working capital still low to boost their income
  3. Domestic violence in some homes is still a big problem
  4. Illiteracy rate more especially those in the age bracket of 35-50 years
  5. HIV more especially among the young mothers
  6. Single parenting and early pregnancy within the youth which has led to school dropouts increase
  7. Maternal health is still a problem more especially in rural areas leading to increase in maternal deaths

Way forward

  • We are helping these groups to meet the required requirements for them to register.
  • A small loan from the Bishop’s office and KISA cooperative is given to boost their activities and pay back
  • Counseling and guidance is given at all level to curb the problem of domestic violence
  • Adult literacy program put in place by Caritas to cater for those who are illiterate atleast to learn how to read and write.


 Talk about using our numbers to achieve the goal e.g pay membership fee, subscription fee.

  • Exposure visit.
  • Staying away from trouble (Domestic violence etc)
  • Engage in income generating activities
  • Role of Guild chairperson at all level
  • Start joint projects at Parish level.
  • Talk about our Women of faith network
  • Request for land for our headquarters

Compiled by

Florence Nassanga Musoke

Coordinator, Women

Kasana Luweero Diocese

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