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Kasana-Luweero Diocesan Health Department is headed by the Diocesan Health Coordinator, who is charged with supporting and supervising all the 17 Health Centres, by ensuring that they meet the four indicators of faithful to the mission of the Catholic Church i.e. Access, Equity, Quality, Effectiveness and Efficiency. In this regard, the Bishop is the overall financial controller represented by the Chairman (DHB) Diocesan Health Board. This office should have a board of 9 members who set the policies, plans and make budgets for Diocesan Health Units (DHUs) through the Diocesan Health Office and they are supposed to sit on quarterly basis to analyse the performance of the Diocesan facilities. The Diocese has been able to serve the community to their expectations by constructing/renovating the existing Health Facilities at Parish Levels and the mission of serving them equally and easy accessibility has been achieved. All these facilities have fully qualified staff/medical personnel and the following services are being offered:

  1. OPD-Out Patient Department
  2.  ANC- Antenatal Services
  3.  In- Patient
  4.  Maternity
  5.  Immunizations
  6.  HIV/AIDS Counselling and testing
  7.  Family Planning (natural)
  8. Safe Male circumcision
  9.  Scanning
  10. PMTCT
  11. X-rays.

Minor and major operations from the Hospital and 3 other health centre IVs’ i.e. Kakooge, St. Mary’s Kasaala, St. Cyprian Ngoma and St. Luke Namaliga which has solved the problem of referring patients to Mulago Hospital thus reduced mortality rate in the Diocese.

The most prevalent diseases in the three districts are:

  1. Malaria
  2. STI’s –sexually Tract Infection
  3. Flariasis
  4. Pneumonia and Respiratory tract Infection                                               
  5. Typhoid
  6. Anaemia
  8. Injuries
  9. UTI –Urinary tract infection
  10. Respiratory tract infection
  11. Diarrhoea

Objectives for the Health Coordination Office and HIV/AIDS department.

  • To improve the health status of the population of Kasana-Luweero Diocese through the provision of quality health service delivery.
  • To scale up HIV/AIDS services in all Health institutions of the Diocese.
  • To strengthen the health service delivery to the people we serve to ensure health for all.
  • Mandated to be committed to help the needy people in our communities with trust, “

Key priority activities.

  1. Proper communication and feed- back at all levels through communication technologies, E mails, Phones, letters, conferences and workshops.
  2. Making Work-plans and budgets for the year or 5 years Work-plans.
  3. Employment of fully qualified personnel to manage well the Health Units.
  4. Ensure periodical support supervision of all Health Units.
  5. To keep the Health Units clean, inside and out-side, toilets and bathrooms to reduce infections.
  6. To have accurate clear records of the monthly HMIS ( Health Management Information Systems) for decision making at the District and Ministry of Health. (Ministry of Health) MoU.
  7. All Health Units to have valid Charter/Constitution, Financial and Employment manuals to guide operations.
  8. Every Health Unit to display a monthly duty Roster.
  9. Every Health Unit to carry out Continuous medical education every week to ensure adherence to up-dates regarding healthy.
  10. To assist the In-charges and staff to carry out lobbing and advocacy for the improvement of the facility, from the local community or from abroad, well- wishers.
  11. Private not for profit (PNFP) to ensure close collaboration with the District officials and Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau officials, for proper Networking.
  12. All Health Units must write and fill in the Annual report which shows all detailed activities of the facility.
  13. To encourage Health Centres at level 1V to construct and to equip the Theatres for the smooth running of the facility, to minimize referral cases.
  14. The Health Coordinator must carry out Drugs, patients’ satisfaction survey every year to ensure quality service delivery at each H/U.
  15. To review the Health Policy for the effective management of the Health Units.
  16. To struggle to adhere to the 90 90 90 concept, which is interpreted as follows:  by 2020  all people tested and diagnosed HIV/AIDS to be started on ART, and by 2020 those diagnosed will be registered or enrolled on ART and also assumed that by 2020 those on ART will be virally suppressed, thus health for our citizens.
  17. To have vibrant and bold HUMC members who have Health Units at heart.
  18. To ensure that all facilities are accredited by UCMB and licenced by MOH every year.
  19. The Diocesan Health Office of Kasana-Luweero operates as a department under Caritas Commission with different health programmes under it.
  20. The Diocesan Health Office is a fully functional office as explained above, it also supervises staff of the HIV/AIDS programs which serve those in need from the health facilities by providing free testing kits, tests are done free of charge to the needy. It also coordinates Health activities from the Districts of Nakaseke, Nakasongola and Luweero.

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